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Travis Health Updates
August, 2019
Kaiser Permanente approved the referral for Travis' 3rd double lung transplant. He will now be referred to UCLA to start the process, again, of getting listed for transplant. 
August, 2019
Travis is going through the process of getting listed for a rare 3rd double lung transplant. He remains positive and fights to stay strong until transplant.
 February, 2019
Travis is told he is in chronic rejection of his second double lung transplant.

 October 4, 2017

Travis successfully received his second double lung transplant.


God bless his donors, their famamiles, the medical staff, family, friends and The Yellow Heart Squad. He is doing wonderful. He is living and breathing happy again. Thanks for all the support during this struggle.


April 2, 2015
Travis succesfully recieved his double lung transplant on March 3rd.
God bless his donor, the medical staff, family and friends.He is doing wonderful. He is living and breathing happy again. Thanks for all the support during this struggle.
February 2, 2015
Travis is still in the hospital waiting patiently to receive his life saving double lung transplant.
He has had 4 "dry runs" (meaning they found a donor match, but the lungs were not viable). It is a difficult waiting process, but we remain hopeful.
Please remember, as you pray for Travis, also pray for the donor families in thier time of loss.  
January 7, 2015 

Travis has been in the hospital since Nov. 2014 waiting for his double lung transplant. It seems that he will not be able to go home until after transplant. We do not know how long it will take, but we pray he recieves his donor lungs soon.


May 2013
Travis Granduated from New York University with his Masters in Fundraising and a Masters in Grant Making
May 2001
Travis Graduated from Marymount Manhatten College with a Bachelors Degree 
December 23, 2009 

Travis finished his first semester of college as a sophmore in New York. During Winter break he is being admitted to the hospital in Cleveland for a "Clean Out". His lung functions have been on a rollercoaster all year. Time to give him a good dose of meds to get him back on track and good to go for another long run out of the hospital. 

Feb 17, 2009 

Travis had a check up today. His lung functions were at 62%. So he has a little work to do during this next month to get his percentages back up in the upper 70's. The doctor gave him an inhaled medication to help him accomplish this at home.  

Jan 2009 

Travis has been doing very well. As he is getting older, he has been able to maintain his health mostly on his own for a long time now. It seems odd but the more he does, the better his health. His plate has been full with all of his activities; motivational speaking, high school, college, writing and composing his music, and writing a script for a play have really kept him busy and his health has only benefitted. GO TRAVIS!  


Dec 12, 2008  
Traivs had a check up today and he was much better than we expected. His lung functions were at 75% and he had gained a few pounds. He will go home on a new trial inhaled med. and go back in Feb. for another check up.
November 22, 2008
It has been almost a year since Travis has had to stay in the hospital. But, Travis was admitted to the hospital on November 12th because he was at 55% lung functions and was due for a "clean out".  The plan is that he will be ready to go home on Wednesday. Just in time for Thanksgiving at home.
July 24, 2008
Sorry for the delay in the updates.
Travis has had a few appointments. Some good and some not so good. He started in a trial medicine with a powder form of TOBI inhaled. We think that this medicine has played a huge role in the fact that Travis has not been back in the hospital since Dec/Jan. His PFT's have bounced around between the 80's and 40's. 
It seemed that his lung functions dropped during the month when is was on his "off month" for TOBI. Then he would bounce back during the month while doing the TOBI.
June 23rd
he was at 52% and started back on his trial med. 
July 3rd,
Travis made a trip to the emergency room because he was coughing up blood. He was transferred to Cleveland for observation overnight. He has not had anymore blood since that day. We were told that this is something that can happen with Cystic Fibrosis. This was not related to the TOBI medicine.
July 17th,
his lung functions were back up to 72% and he had gained a few lbs.
Now he is on is "off month" for the TOBI.
January 6, 2008
Travis was at 74% so they let him go home yesterday. He is still on IV meds until the 14th. He will go back for a check up that day and determine if he needs another week of meds. He is very happy to be home!
December 18, 2007
Travis was admitted today to Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital in Cleveland because his lung functions are at 50%. He feels ok and knows that he will get better, but is a little bummed because he will be in over the holidays for a round of IV meds. This will be the first time he will spend Christmas and possibly New Years in the hospital. It works out well because he is on school break right now and will not miss any school. We are making the best of the situation. We have decorated his room fiberoptic tree, a self-made fireplace and all. Other than the medical setting, it is very festive in his room. 
October 22, 2007
Travis has gained another 5 lbs. His lung functions are are 68%. We are not sure if this is his CF or just because he is fighting a "common cold". We discussed doing IV meds, but we don't want him to become immune to this new IV med. So, he is trying a 3 week oral med at home. 
August 20, 2007
We are very excited! His lung functions are back at 86%.  And he has gained some weight back. We are so happy. Travis was released to go home today, without IV. This is the best lung functions he has had in years.
August 12, 2007

Travis was admitted to Children's Hospital in Cleveland on Wed. the 8th. His lung functions were 67%, but his x-ray showed that the right lung had lots of infection. He has also lost about 15 lbs. So the doctor felt he needed another 3 weeks of IV meds. He is due for a lung function test again on Wed. the 15th.
June 22, 2007 
Travis is home. He made it through surgery and his 3 weeks of IV meds without complication. We will not know his lastest lung functions until he goes back for a check up on July 6th.
June 8, 2007  
After 1 week on IV meds, his lung functions are back up to 67%. He will still be in the hospital to finish the 3 weeks of meds. He is scheduled for a Nissen fundoplication to help stop his acid reflux on Tuesday June 12th.
June 1, 2007 
Travis was admitted on May 31st for a 3 week round of IV meds. His lung functions on the 31st were 40%. He is feeling good, just increased cough and feeling more tired.
March 7, 2007 
Travis had a check up today. His lung functions are at 71%. Travis has a bit of a cold right now and he took what he called a "medication vacation" for a couple of weeks. He knows it was not the smartest thing, but he felt he needed a break. He has been advised that next time he decides he needs a vacation, he should go to the beach and take his meds with him. :)  He will have to go back to Cinn. for a broncoscopy in April. Hopefully his lung functions will be back up in the 80's by then. 

December 28, 2006

Travis had a check up today. We are THRILLED to say that his lung functions not only maintained after he came off the IV meds, but he is now at 81%. He has not been in the 80%'s since Sept. 2005. He has also gained a couple more lbs. It appears that this new IV med actually worked. He will return to Cinn. for a check up the end of March. 

December 8, 2006
Travis finished his 3 weeks of IV meds on Tuesday. He was very happy to be home again. He was back at school on Thursday and back to his normal routine. He feels ok, but his lung functions are still at 76%. That is good news. Of course we would like to see him in the 80's again, but considering he hasn't been in the upper 70's for a long time, we will take it. He will return to Cleveland hospital for a check up and to make sure he has maintained his lung functions. on Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all!

November 14, 2006 
On Oct. 30th, we went to Cleveland CF clinic for a 2nd opinion. Although his lung functions are back up, it was the recommendation of the doctor that we try a IV med that they have been successful with in Cleveland. He explained that the meds that Travis has been doing seem to only be containing the infection while on IV meds not breaking it up and out. This might be why he has been on such a roller coaster with his lung functions and back in the hospital so often. So today, Travis will be admitted to Cleveland Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for a minimum of 2 weeks. Yes, he will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving , but we feel the benefits of trying this med, out weigh the risk at this point.

October 12, 2006 
Travis had his check up today and he was admitted to the hospital. Although, he says he feels pretty good, his lung functions are only at 57% and when he coughed there was blood in his sputum. The doctors are concerned that the infection in his lungs might be the cause of the blood. So he is on another round of iv meds.

August 27, 2006
Travis stayed 2 weeks in the hospital on IV meds. After the first week, his lung functions improved to 64%. When checked after another week of meds, he was still at 64%. Because there was no improvement this week, Travis decided to remove the picc line and stop the meds. He figured the meds had run their course. He gained another 5 lbs. He was able to go home on the 17th. We are still hoping to get him back up in the 80%. He is still finishing his on-line school for the year, but he has also decided to return to Frontier High School for his sophmore year. He started back to High School on the 22nd.

August 3,2006
Travis had a follow up/check up today. 
The good news is that he has gained 5 lbs and has grown 2 inches since May. They also said that he did not culture the myco-bacterium simiae in his last culture. 
The not so good news is that his lung functions were down to 56%, so they admitted him for another round of IV meds. They took another culture to re-check for the myco. He will have to do 2 -3 weeks of IV meds again. The doctors will re-evaluate him the end of next week to see if he can go home and finish the IV meds or if they think he should stay another week. 

June 27, 2006
Travis had the picc line removed about 10 days after he got home. The doctors are still researching to find a medicine to fight the mycobacteria simia. In Travis's opinion, he doesn't have time to be sick. He is feeling good and keeping active this summer. He has been out doing presentations and is working on his 2nd fundraiser for his foundation, The Travis Flores Children's Foundation (

May 17th, 2006
Travis is finally home. 
His lungs functions were at 69%, but his broncoscopy showed improvement. 
His lungs looked a little clearer. He still has his picc line in so he can do IV meds, 
if needed, when they get his results back from the broncoscopy. 

May 10th, 2006
Travis is still in the hospital on IV meds. When he was first admitted, his lung functions dropped to 50%. As of Monday the 8th he was back up to 72%. On Tuesday the 16th, the doctors plan to do another bronscoscopy and then Travis will go home. His weight is up to almost 100 lbs.

April 13, 2006
Travis had a check up and his lung functions were at 60%. One of the 2 new bacteria's is a myco bacterium. They plan to admit Travis on the 25th for a "clean out" and to try and treat these new bacterias.
Feb. 3, 2006
Travis is back up at 78% lung functions and they did a broncoscopy today. This is when they take a camera down into his lungs to take a look around and collect some samples. His lungs looked pretty goopy, but they were able to collect some samples and found that Travis has 2 new bacteria's. It will take a couple of weeks to culture and test these new bacteria's with medications.

December 8, 2005

Travis was home for Thanksgiving, but continued on IV meds at home. Although we had him on IV meds this long, his lung functions at still down. When he started his IV meds he was at 68%. Today he is at 70%. He usually does much better after a dose of IV meds. This is not a good improvement, but at least he did not get worse. 
We stopped the IV meds because they do not seem to be working and will return for a check up in Jan.
November 14, 2005

Travis was admitted to the hospital today for 3-4 weeks of IV meds. We think he will be in the hospital about 10 days. We hope to be home for Thanksgiving.
November 10, 2005

He gained 2 more lbs.(now 95 lbs.) BUT, his lung functions were only up to 68%. We were trying to get him back in the upper 70's or 80's without IV meds. He did get better, but he caught another cold that got the best of him.
October 26, 2005

Travis got better and we stopped the IV meds. But.....he has another cold. 
So, we have good and bad news. 
He has gained another 3 lbs. (94 lbs now), but his lung functions were at 67%. 
We will give him 2 weeks to battle it and get better. 
Then we will return to the hospital for a check up.
If his lung functions have improved tremendously and he sounds good, we will let him go on his merry little way. If he has not improved back to around 80%, we will have to consider another round of IV meds.
September 14, 2005

Travis has done a great job of getting his lung functions & weight back up.
His lung functions are back up to 81% and he gained 3 lbs. now at 91 lbs. 
He still doesn't sound so good and we are coming into the flu season. So......we decided that if we added iv meds to his battle there is a good chance he could improve that much more and maybe be that much stronger through the winter. It was a very tough decision to make. He is doing a 2 week dose and will be in the hospital until Monday. He has been off IV meds for 9 months. With the booster dose of meds and him doing a great job of taking care of himself, maybe he will be good to go more than a year without iv meds.
September 7th, 2005

Travis' check up did not go as well as we wanted, 
but it also did not go as bad as we expected.
He caught a cold over the weekend and has been battling to get better. 
His lung functions were down to 69/70% and he lost 2lbs. We chose to take 1 week of increased treatments at home to try and get better without the use of IV meds. If he is not back up above 80% when we return for his check up next Wed., he will have to be admitted and put on IV meds. Let's pray he gets better.
August 3rd, 2005

Travis had a really good check up today.
His lung functions were back up to 82% and he gained 2 1/2 lbs. He will do a follow up check-up in about 5 weeks to make sure that he maintains this level or gets better.
July 7, 2005

Travis' check up today was not good.
His lung functions were down to 67% and he has lost 2 lbs.
Our plan is to increase his treatments and medicines for 3 weeks. 
Then return for a check up on Aug. 1st. 
If his lung functions and weight are not back up, we will have to put him in the hospital and do IV medicines.
April 20, 2005

Travis had another GREAT check up!
His lung functions are still at 83%. 
He gained 6 pounds and grew 1/2 an inch.
His liver functions have improved 
and we do not have to do insulin right now.
March 7, 2005

Travis had the best check up he has had in a long time. His lung functions 
are back up to 83% AND he gained 3 lbs.

Travis had some tests done today to check for diabetes.
The tests came back positive for diabetes.
This is a set back, but at least his lung functions and weight are up. 
He has started insulin only at night.
January 19, 2005

Travis went to Children's in Cinn. today for a check up. He was a little disappointed. After 3 weeks of iv meds, his lung function was only 75%. We have decided to remove the picc line/iv and try being more aggresive with his regular meds and his vest treatments at home. He will go back for a check up in 6 weeks.
Saturday, Dec. 25, 2004

Travis was able to go home yesterday afternoon in time for Christmas Eve. He will continue a 3 week dose of IV meds. and will go back to the hospital for a check up at the end of the 3 weeks. I will update then.
Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Travis is doing ok, but he was admitted to the hospital yesterday for a round of IV medicines. If all goes well, it is our plan that he will go home Friday. We will finish the IV meds at home and while he is in California. 
His lung functions were at 74% yesterday. His weight went down by a couple ounces this time as well. We are glad that it was not down farther considering he has been playing basketball the last 6 weeks. 
Wed., November 3, 2004

Travis' lung function has dropped a little this check-up. It was down to 75% today. We will have to do some extra vest treatments at home to try to help. 
The good news is that he gained another pound. That makes 8 pounds since July! For him, that is incredible. For about a year and a half he had not gained weight inspite of the feeding tube in his stomach and the extra 1400 caleries a night. Now that seems to be changing. We really believe that the GSH-Curc caps with a dietary supplement are what made the difference. Maybe his lungs will start to do better soon too.
The other good news is that his iv/pic-line came out today. This means that Travis will be able to play on the Jr. High basketball team. With the iv, he could only watch. Now he gets to play.
Wed., October 27, 2004
Travis went to Childrens Hospital for a check-up today. He hoped to get his pic-line/iv out, but we decided that it would be best to try another week of iv meds. His lung function has improved to 78%. That is pretty good, but not as high as we would like or as high as we think he could be. We would like to get him back up around 85% - 90%. His weight was up again by 2 more lbs. This is GREAT news. 
He will return to Children's Hospital for another check-up next Wed., Nov. 3rd.
Friday, October 15, 2004
Travis went home today. He will finish his 2 weeks of IV meds at home. His lung function was at 69% yesterday. That is up from 65% on Tuesday. We are planning to get his lung function back up above 80% by the 27th. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.
His weight also was up a little. They say he gained another 2 lbs.
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Travis was admitted to the hospital today because his PFT (pulmonary function test)was at 65%. 
His weight was up by 3 lbs since July 11th. He now weighs 81.8 lbs. It must be all those vegatables he puts through his g-tube :)
or maybe it is the new GSH-Curc caps with a dietary supplement that he is taking now.
We need to get his lung functions back up to the 85% level. He will be going home this Friday and will continue the IV meds to complete 2 weeks worth of meds.

Travis went home from the hospital on IV meds on October 19th. After 3 weeks of iv meds, his lung functions were back up to 78%.