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Never Give Up On Your Hopes or Your Dreams





Can Angels fly through the sky?
Do Angels have feelings can they cry?
Are Angels there for us when we need?
Are Angels there for us when our soul is freed?
Are Angels spirits or are they whole?
Are Angles young or are they old?
If Angels glow, is it bright?
If Angels glow, can I see them at night?
Do Angels watch us through the day?
Are Angels listening when we pray?

Someday these answers, we will know.
When with the Angels, to Heaven we go.

By Travis Flores
Copyright ©2004 by Travis Flores

Why is it me?

Sometimes I wonder 
Why is it me?
Why is it me,
who has Cystic Fibrosis,
a terminal disease?

Why is it me?
I think God
made me a special plan.
I guess that could be easy
enough to understand.

But, why is it me?
Why do I have to live
with a disease?
With God’s help
I’ll try to fight,
this horrible disease
with all my might.

So, why is it me?
I don’t know.
We’ll just have to
wait and see.

By: Travis Flores
Copyright ©2002 by Travis Flores

“A Boy I Know”
A Poem written for Travis Flores
By: Jamie Keyser at Disney

There is a boy I know who is warm and kind…
He’s a treasured gift that’s hard to find.

This boy I know makes me laugh and smile…
He races his car and racks up the miles.

This boy I know is a role model and star…
He helps you understand who you truly are.

This boy I know has touched my life…
He’s brave and strong, despite his strife.

This boy I know is an angel sent from above…
He shares his life with others and shares his love.

This boy I know is an author and poet…
His stories inspire and draw you in before know it.

There is a boy I know who is special beyond display…
He’s lives life on his terms each and everyday!

My Mommy Tears

I know I’d miss you mommy
but in heaven you’ll be free
I’ll talk to you everyday
we can visit in my dreams

I know my heart will hurt so bad
it would make me really sad
but I know that they’re waiting
yes, your mom and your Dad.

But it’s time for you to go now
it’s the best thing to do
remember all our good times
and remember, I LOVE YOU!

By: Travis Flores
Copyright ©2004 by Travis Flores


You are not alone

You are not alone,
we are all the same.
We are all humans,
and we all have pain.
But you are not alone,
it drives you insane,
you may curl up and cry
or even want to die,
but you are not alone.
He is up above
watching over us
with unconditional love.
So you are not alone.

Written by: Travis Flores
May 18, 2003
Copyright ©2003 by Travis Flores