Never Give Up On Your Hopes or Your Dreams


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Travis donates $500 back to Make A Wish


Travis used his "wish" with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to illustrate and publish his book to encourage others to Never Give Up!
Travis' wish to publish this book won the "Infinite Wish Award 2004" bestowed by the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America to the Greater Ohio & Kentucky Chapter.

Travis Flores wrote the "Spider Who Never Gave Up" when he was around 8 years old. This children's story is about a spider, named Sparkey, who could not spin a web. Sparkey tried for years to spin a web, but it didn't work. Sparkey never gave up trying and with some encouragement from his mom he finally spins a perfect web.

Travis sees this story as a similarity to his own life. He battles Cystic Fibrosis for which there is no cure yet. He keeps trying new and different medications. And with the encouragement from his family and friends, he refuses to give up.

In the story, Sparkey finally spins the perfect web at the age of 12. When Travis was 12 he found a med that seems to be working. Maybe this is Travis' perfect web.

When Travis started being admitted to the hospital more often, he met many other children like himself and he wanted to help encourage them to never give up. That is when he wrote
"The Spider Who Never Gave Up".

This book is Travis' way to reach out with his message of encouragement to other people to never give up on what they want to do in life or on their dreams no matter how bad things get.
Travis plans to donate some of the proceeds from the sale of this book to:
The Make-A-Wish Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis research
Cancer research
and various other organizations.
This wonderful children's story of hope and encouragement was published with the help from:
Travis and his family,
the Make-A-Wish Foundation,
Michelle Ciappa - Illustrator,
David Vance & Leslie Neal of GreenShag Design and Marketing,
Alcott Elementary School
AuthorHouse and
Creative and Beyond

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At Alcott Elem. in Columbus, OH
Author presentation and book signing
May 17th 2004

Travis Flores - Author
Michelle Ciappa - Illustrator
David Vance - GreenShag Design & Marketing
David Justus - Make-A-Wish

A Wish Comes True

Iím so excited, I can not wait!
My book will be out, around this date.
April is the month, yes in the spring,
Also the month I turn thirteen.
The months go by, the day nears
I am so anxious, but have no fears.

So many people involved with this
such as the terrific Make-A-Wish!
I have an illustrator, she is so cool,
her name is Michelle, her drawings rule!
David and Leslie, their job is so fine,
working for GreenShag Marketing & Design.

So, now you know about this awesome thing
Sparkey and I say thanks for reading!

By: Travis Flores
©2004 by Travis Flores

Travis Flores - Author

Travis has also written many heart warming inspirational poems.